Thank you to all our community members that provided feedback about the number of missed appointments we are currently experiencing.

Whilst our community did support introduction of a fee for missed appointments or including a wait list for future appointments at the moment Galambila are not going to implement a fee.

Unfortunately our missed appointments are still significantly high with collective 80 missed appointments last week.  We will be publishing our missed appointments each week.

Some strategies we have come up with to reduce our missed appointments are:

  • Text messages will still be sent at 2pm the day before
  • Calling clients to confirm intention to attend appointments
  • Allowing cancellation of appointments in HotDocs up to 2 hours before the appointment – note at the moment we are making some other changes to our HotDocs books and currently future appointments can not be made in HotDocs while this change is taking place
  • Staff members will be calling clients that have a missed appointment and have not cancelled in advance to identify other barriers for cancelling appointments

We are asking all clients to give us a call if you are unable to attend your appointment so that we can utilise these critical appointments for someone that needs it.

If you have any other feedback please feel free to leave a suggestion in our suggestion box in Reception – alternatively please email



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