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If you have a chronic disease, it’s important that you have a doctor led team who take the time to understand your condition and work with you on an ongoing basis to manage it.  Galambila is unique in that your care coordination can be provided by Aboriginal Health Workers and Aboriginal Health Practitioners.  Chronic disease management can include health coaching and support, follow up, monitoring and health checks, general health education on lifestyle risk factors and health interventions.

Your partner in care planning

An important principle in care planning at Galambila is to get your input and agreement to your own care plan. This helps to encourage health literacy, self-management and recovery awareness.

Our GP’s can partner with you to develop a new care plan every 12 months, ensuring you are accessing the appropriate care and are followed up as needed. A review of your care plan can be conducted every 3 months.

Accessing allied health services

When you have a chronic disease, allied health services may help to better manage your condition. At Galambila, you can access our range of allied health services such as:

  • nutrition
  • physiotherapy
  • exercise physiology
  • a home medication review with our Pharmacist

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